Sonntag, 9. August 2015

The CH53X lowpoly project i started in the beginning of 2015. Its a "small" texturing and modelling exercise to test out MARI texture painting. I started out with a highpoly of the CH53 chassy and kitbashed futuristic engines on it to transform the helicopter into a VTOL. After i finished the highpoly model i used the mesh to build the lowpoly model and unwrapped the lowpoly. When this was done i baked out the normal maps for all the different parts. later i put everything into MARI and painted the diffuse texture on it, was alot of fun. Now the hard part - getting everthing into the Cryengine and make it look nice. Since Cryengine has now a PBR pipeline for all the textures i had to convert them all into the right color formats. Tweaking the shader was taking me a while to get it right and "realistic". Since the CH53X was a bit empty in my scene i was looking into reference pictures and decided to build a aircraft carrier bridge with flight deck. I used the Essex class since i like all the shapes of the bridge. Texturing was not so hard like the CH53X, all tileable textures on the bridge. For the flightdeck i made some dirt decals to give it a used look. When both models (Ch53X and the aircraft carrier) were done i arranged my scenes i wanted to render out. I looked also into military reference pictures of aircrafts to have some intresting shots. Now everything was ready to be rendered - just tweaking time of day and rendering settings in cryengine and i was done. Project completed!

Mittwoch, 4. Juni 2014


Longtime Project of this is done. Modelled and rendered in 3ds max, postwork in Photoshop. All the buildings are modelled using reference pictures from Google. The Dome took me a while to finish - alot of small details here and there. Most time went into the rendering process - alot of trail and error with the renderer. Materialtweaks with semi PBR workpipeline was used for the assets. And getting the Motionblur for the cars right was a bit pain.  And of cource renderingtime was way to long if you are used to work in realtime - next project will be realtime rendering engine. So have fun looking at the pictures.

Freitag, 20. Dezember 2013

Ryse Vista Scenes

Forum Vista
York Vista
Palace Vista
 After a couple of small tasks for Ryse, i was asked to give all the vista´s of Ryse some love. I was kind of surprised to see thats alot of free space to cover up in the background. The smartest way to do it was to use planes to give the impression of big scenes. With the help of Concept Artist Margaret Wuller and Mihai Titoiu we created some nice images for the planes. The natural enviroments are the easiest because i could cover alot with tree planes and mountains. The city scapes required more 3d work. I started to create small city dioramas to fill up the space. Also some unique lowpoly assets needed to be modelled - so i created an aqueduct and some amphitheatre. In the level york we also needed a burned destroyed city, some destroyed buildings are also created. After the pieces have been build - the placing and arranging of the vistas didnt take long, and the lighting artist could do the rest of the job of giving the scenes a proper setting.

Vista turned on and off

Ryse York Bridge

Ryse Bridge
 After Finishing up Crysis 3 some artist of the team have been send to help out the Ryse team. My first task was to build a bridge in the level York.
I used alot of reference images of the `ponte rotto` in Rome since it was also destroyed or broken.
Bridge in the level York
But the bridge in Ryse was also in a state of rebuilding so i was researching of how the old romans build arch bridges and found some material of `centers´ for arch bridge constructions - its funny that we still build the bridges the same way.
After a rough whitebox version of the bridge i started with all the pieces i need and constructing them in 3ds max and Zbrush. When i was done i assembled all together and formed the big pieces out of it. The tricky stuff was the destroyed bridge, but i managed to fit it into the bridge level design. After completing all the bridge pieces i did the nice texture painting and rendering, since Ryse used a PBS (physical based shading) it was kind of easy to follow the rules for diffuse and gloss setting.
The Bridge was then finished after 4 weeks with all pieces and LODs.

Samstag, 16. März 2013

Weekend Challenge

The task was to create a mech design in 2 days and bring it to life.
Its a very fast process of putting together shapes and materials to form mechanical parts. I started
with the legs first and worked me up to the main cockpit and guns.
Some parts a copy/paste, because you don´t want to waste time in this tight shedule. But since you are in the process of creating parts i combined them with each other to form more complex pieces. A little bit of bend here and there and you get completly new pieces to stick together.

After that was done i had to create the Mech itself, after several attempts to put together a two leged mech, i decided i try four legs.
And thats how i found my design and worked around that. The cockpit neded to have 4 connection points for the leg mechanic. Also the weight needed to be found. So the leg are spread further away from the body to give it a more heavy look.

Finally the rendering part started. It was hard to learn all the basics again after working so long with realtime rendering workpipelines. All the setup and materials needed to be fine tuned. And i know its still far from perfect, but i will improve my skills in rendering.
I also made some small experiments. The first one was to put my hardsurface stuff into Zbrush to try out Dynamesh and the result was very good, somethig to remember for melting pieces together.
The second one was to render it with toon shader to have a manga/anime look, also to see a mechanical drawing of the mech.

Final thoughts - It was a nice exercise in creating a mech and speed model some design for concepting. Also the refreshing of knowledge in offline render was nice to have. I tried also to work in a lineare workflow to have a faster result.

Freitag, 8. März 2013

Crysis 3 Enviroment Art 2

New set of Crysis 3 enviroment art.

 Control Tower Airlock.

This is the Liberty Dome in Crysis 3. Its build of Manhattan to keep the energy and everything inside locked down.

Control Tower Elevator Platform and connection bridge.

Mittwoch, 6. März 2013

Crysis 3 Enviroment Art

Some new Crysis 3 Assets i was working on the last year.

This is the interior of the control tower in crysis 3 - the entrance area with the big windows to watch whats going on inside the dome.

This is another view from the interior, here you can see the sleeping area for the crew.

Exterior view of the control tower.