Montag, 28. März 2011

Crysis 2 Enviroment Art part 1

Hey hey, new post! Finally I can present some of the assets I did for the game CRYSIS 2.
Here you can see some of the main assets I was working on during the production.
For people who don´t played the game yet i will explain what you see.

This is the Queensboro Bridge ( wiki ) It took me 3 weeks to
complete this monster. Further more, I supported the Technical
Artist who created the awesome bridge collaping scene with
additional rubble and broken pieces.

Here you can see the "EVIL HQ" of the Game. Its a military and research facility called "PRISM" . At least during the production.

One of the many buildings in the game. For this building I used
alot of parts of another building to make a complete new one.
A very fast way to create a structure. 1 and half week for this one.

This was part one of the presentation!

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