Freitag, 20. Dezember 2013

Ryse Vista Scenes

Forum Vista
York Vista
Palace Vista
 After a couple of small tasks for Ryse, i was asked to give all the vista´s of Ryse some love. I was kind of surprised to see thats alot of free space to cover up in the background. The smartest way to do it was to use planes to give the impression of big scenes. With the help of Concept Artist Margaret Wuller and Mihai Titoiu we created some nice images for the planes. The natural enviroments are the easiest because i could cover alot with tree planes and mountains. The city scapes required more 3d work. I started to create small city dioramas to fill up the space. Also some unique lowpoly assets needed to be modelled - so i created an aqueduct and some amphitheatre. In the level york we also needed a burned destroyed city, some destroyed buildings are also created. After the pieces have been build - the placing and arranging of the vistas didnt take long, and the lighting artist could do the rest of the job of giving the scenes a proper setting.

Vista turned on and off

Ryse York Bridge

Ryse Bridge
 After Finishing up Crysis 3 some artist of the team have been send to help out the Ryse team. My first task was to build a bridge in the level York.
I used alot of reference images of the `ponte rotto` in Rome since it was also destroyed or broken.
Bridge in the level York
But the bridge in Ryse was also in a state of rebuilding so i was researching of how the old romans build arch bridges and found some material of `centers´ for arch bridge constructions - its funny that we still build the bridges the same way.
After a rough whitebox version of the bridge i started with all the pieces i need and constructing them in 3ds max and Zbrush. When i was done i assembled all together and formed the big pieces out of it. The tricky stuff was the destroyed bridge, but i managed to fit it into the bridge level design. After completing all the bridge pieces i did the nice texture painting and rendering, since Ryse used a PBS (physical based shading) it was kind of easy to follow the rules for diffuse and gloss setting.
The Bridge was then finished after 4 weeks with all pieces and LODs.