Freitag, 20. Dezember 2013

Ryse York Bridge

Ryse Bridge
 After Finishing up Crysis 3 some artist of the team have been send to help out the Ryse team. My first task was to build a bridge in the level York.
I used alot of reference images of the `ponte rotto` in Rome since it was also destroyed or broken.
Bridge in the level York
But the bridge in Ryse was also in a state of rebuilding so i was researching of how the old romans build arch bridges and found some material of `centers´ for arch bridge constructions - its funny that we still build the bridges the same way.
After a rough whitebox version of the bridge i started with all the pieces i need and constructing them in 3ds max and Zbrush. When i was done i assembled all together and formed the big pieces out of it. The tricky stuff was the destroyed bridge, but i managed to fit it into the bridge level design. After completing all the bridge pieces i did the nice texture painting and rendering, since Ryse used a PBS (physical based shading) it was kind of easy to follow the rules for diffuse and gloss setting.
The Bridge was then finished after 4 weeks with all pieces and LODs.

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