Samstag, 16. März 2013

Weekend Challenge

The task was to create a mech design in 2 days and bring it to life.
Its a very fast process of putting together shapes and materials to form mechanical parts. I started
with the legs first and worked me up to the main cockpit and guns.
Some parts a copy/paste, because you don´t want to waste time in this tight shedule. But since you are in the process of creating parts i combined them with each other to form more complex pieces. A little bit of bend here and there and you get completly new pieces to stick together.

After that was done i had to create the Mech itself, after several attempts to put together a two leged mech, i decided i try four legs.
And thats how i found my design and worked around that. The cockpit neded to have 4 connection points for the leg mechanic. Also the weight needed to be found. So the leg are spread further away from the body to give it a more heavy look.

Finally the rendering part started. It was hard to learn all the basics again after working so long with realtime rendering workpipelines. All the setup and materials needed to be fine tuned. And i know its still far from perfect, but i will improve my skills in rendering.
I also made some small experiments. The first one was to put my hardsurface stuff into Zbrush to try out Dynamesh and the result was very good, somethig to remember for melting pieces together.
The second one was to render it with toon shader to have a manga/anime look, also to see a mechanical drawing of the mech.

Final thoughts - It was a nice exercise in creating a mech and speed model some design for concepting. Also the refreshing of knowledge in offline render was nice to have. I tried also to work in a lineare workflow to have a faster result.

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