Sonntag, 9. August 2015

The CH53X lowpoly project i started in the beginning of 2015. Its a "small" texturing and modelling exercise to test out MARI texture painting. I started out with a highpoly of the CH53 chassy and kitbashed futuristic engines on it to transform the helicopter into a VTOL. After i finished the highpoly model i used the mesh to build the lowpoly model and unwrapped the lowpoly. When this was done i baked out the normal maps for all the different parts. later i put everything into MARI and painted the diffuse texture on it, was alot of fun. Now the hard part - getting everthing into the Cryengine and make it look nice. Since Cryengine has now a PBR pipeline for all the textures i had to convert them all into the right color formats. Tweaking the shader was taking me a while to get it right and "realistic". Since the CH53X was a bit empty in my scene i was looking into reference pictures and decided to build a aircraft carrier bridge with flight deck. I used the Essex class since i like all the shapes of the bridge. Texturing was not so hard like the CH53X, all tileable textures on the bridge. For the flightdeck i made some dirt decals to give it a used look. When both models (Ch53X and the aircraft carrier) were done i arranged my scenes i wanted to render out. I looked also into military reference pictures of aircrafts to have some intresting shots. Now everything was ready to be rendered - just tweaking time of day and rendering settings in cryengine and i was done. Project completed!

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